Uber Features That Make it Worth 18.2 Billion – Clone for Advanced Taxi Booking Site!

Uber is redefining the taxi experience by focusing on ease & experience. Since its launch in 2009, the on-demand taxi booking service has expanded to more than 200 cities and 42 countries. While convenience has garnered interest, web & mobile technology is at the core of the cab service.

Uber platform and mobile applications makes the whole process of booking and payments extremely easy. There are many other unique features that make Uber a hit amongst riders. For entrepreneurs who are interested in starting an Uber clone, we bring an extensive list of Uber features that you just can’t manage to ignore.

Key Application Features of Uber.com

  • Uber is simple, fast and most importantly smart taxi booking app.
  • It’s easy to use, secure, user-friendly & completely real time app.
  • Uber taxi booking services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Provides Multi-lingual Support
  • Uber finds customers’ location via GPS and sends the closest available taxi to customers.
  • Tracking and booking functionality for the taxi/cabs.
  • User can Sign up, Login & retrieve forgotten password.
  • Sign up as a Driver, Sign In & Forgot Password.
  • Option to Set Pickup Location.
  • Customers/Passengers can select the desired Car Type.
  • Allow users to Request a Ride.
  • Connects users to a Driver Nearby.
  • Mobile Request Acceptance feature/option for the drivers.
  • Confirmation of identity for both passenger and driver.
  • Customers can track driver’s progress to their current location.
  • Customers can find out what their trip will cost before they request.
  • Routes are agreed prior to customers’ journey.
  • Quick communication between passengers, drivers and shift managers assigning rides.
  • Tap Fare Quote helps to calculate fare on the basis of time and distance.
  • Offers clear pricing.
  • Allow passengers to split the fare.
  • Offers Cashless Payments.
  • Uber Discount & Promo codes.
  • Customer Ratings and driver feedback.
  • Membership Rewards Program with Uber.
  • SMS Messaging System.
  • User friendly admin panel to manage companies, managers, drivers and taxis.
  • Business Analysis & Communication Reports.
  • Social Media features related to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+.
  • Option to Submit a Support Request.
  • Content Management System along with Help Center.
  • Uber Blog & FAQs listing.
  • Email Notifications & Alerts.
  • SEO Friendly URLs.

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